2019 Fort Collins Fringe Festival

Same Height Control
Same Height Control


Live in the moment, take a trip into the Now to experience an immersive psychedelic soundscape with 360° imagery where insects chirp, creatures roar, and angels sing their transcendent songs of love. We spend much of our lives tormenting ourselves with the pain from our past or with worries about the future. All too often, we forget to live in the moment. Psychedelia Technologique escapes to revel in the beautiful intricacies of sensation and existence. Come prepared to feast on strikingly vibrant visuals created by the artist NoiseStar as he crafts a new and original soundscape live using an eclectic collection of analog synthesizers, effects, and acoustic instruments.

Presented in the glorious OtterBox Digital Dome Theater of the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery at 408 Mason Street Fort Collins, CO.

Friday July 26      @6:45pm 
Saturday July 27 @4:00pm
Saturday July 27 @9:15pm 

Tickets are $7 with the Fringe Festival Buttom
and are available at at the door or from the link below.